Jean White MA Design: Craft

Jean White

I am a designer-maker working in ceramics. An experienced professional illustrator, I now use my illustration skills to carve and model my drawings into clay. I make my own plaster moulds and slip cast each piece in either porcelain or parian clay. I reference the traditional processes employed in Wedgwood's Jasperware, combining sprigged work with clean contemporary shapes.

A keen birdwatcher, I am aware of the decline in some British bird species. I work to raise awareness of the conservation status of Red List bird species. My images rely on the visual similarity of fossils to the low relief method of ceramic sprigs, creating a metaphor for the threat to our native birds' existence.

I have recently received a Franz Rising Star International Students' Porcelain Scholarship and been selected as their Top Award winner. I am showing at the Great Northern Craft Fair, Victoria Baths, Manchester 8/9/10 October 2021.