Ella Jo Skinner MA Fine Art

Ella Jo Skinner

Ella Jo Skinner is a Welsh experimental artist. Her work ranges from painting, sculpture, installation, sound, and performance. Her multidisciplinary approach to art-making seeks to break down distinctions between genre and disciplines to find a unified art form that can be experienced by all six senses. Her work provokes visceral, bodily, and sensual reactions within the viewer that cannot be articulated through language and moves beyond ideas of history, society, and politics. Taking inspiration from Antonin Artaud’s The Theatre of Cruelty, and the British Anti-Psychiatry movement, she uses her work to find a means of communication away from social structures which successfully captures the primal, expressive body of the human.

Her final Master’s piece, The Box, is based on the architectural dimensions of the small apartment she was quarantined in during the COVID-19 pandemic. She subverts this architecture by reconstructing the space as flesh, reflecting the inner experience of entrapment and isolation onto an outer, concrete reality. Through noise and performance, the viewer is engulfed by the visceral sensation of what it means to desire freedom, but simultaneously being paralysed by an inability to break free. (Sound and performance in collaboration with Jack Spittle)