Callum Langfield MFA Product Design

Callum Langfield

The Memento furniture series has patina and emotional connection at heart. Through combining solid timber and metals with silkscreen printing, the work aims to both pay homage to traditional notions of patina while also altering this traditional language through silkscreen print. As the pieces are owned and interacted with, over time the interaction between person and object will begin to be reflected in the print, then the construction materials.

Over time the pieces begin to collect memories recorded and expressed in the aging printed surfaces and materials, facilitating the development of emotional connection. Traditionally when manmade materials like silkscreen ink age it is seen as degradation. However, when applied in different contexts where imperfections accumulate with age and are celebrated like within furniture this perspective of materials can shift. Further the pieces are continually changing never truly reaching a “finished” state, but recording stories to be remembered, inherited and discovered.

The designs aim to celebrate the relationship between surface and print, along with the processes and materials used. The aging materials, and simple but functional designs assist in creating pieces that become cherished over time.