Tom Cockeram

MA/MSc Product Design

My work concerns drawing out the creative potential in others, using informal learning techniques to empower confidence in an individual’s design and visual communication skills when approaching unknown situations and problems. This has been more specifically targeted at introducing practical design thinking and project-based workflows at a younger audience, within and outside of a typical educational environment. I have created a series of informal learning scenarios through a variety of games and design techniques, which have been inspired by my experience and observations from running workshops, makerspaces and summer camp classes. The end result is a system for a fun and flexible educational game design prototyping that can be tailored to a group’s ability, subject area and access to materials and equipment, with options including 3D printing, laser cutting and paper crafting. My intent is to continually release additional game scenarios, brainstorming ideas and techniques collaboratively with the users of the system (both educators and participants) so that it can be adapted to suit more creative needs and practical requirements.

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