Qianwen Hu

MFA Design: Fashion

For my MA Fashion project, I decided to conduct in-depth research around a relatively abstract topic to make changes and challenges. Based on the emotional positive and negative effects of the various experiences I came to the UK, I chose to study “Emotional Negative - Positive”, which means that I need to express emotional changes through my design.

I tried a lot of new techniques to make fabric samples, especially the "Laser Cutting" that gave me a lot of design details. The downside is that I don't think my design reflects the resonance of this theme in my heart.

Until I decided to use Monument Valley as a source of inspiration, strong sense of geometry gave me a lot of inspiration, and I could have more fun in the design process. I quickly realised that things with a strong sense of geometry can connect and resonate directly with my emotions.

So I decided to explore the things that most directly affect my emotions, combined with the design style I always like, I want to design a project that has my style but has some innovation challenges different from the past.

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