Yu Sian Li

MA Design: Fashion

I am interested in connections between architecture, interior design and fashion. The aim of my work is trying to find out the relationship between garments and objects. This interest in balance and form, and in the symmetrical versus the asymmetrical, led me to explore geometric shapes as they appear in architecture, as well as fashion. In regards to architecture, I am interested in how space and the experience of space can affect how people feel. This can be described as the experiential quality of architecture. In my clothing designs, I try to borrow and incorporate such feelings into my garments. I am aiming to incorporate the geometry of forms found in architecture into my garment designs to inform the potential of their sculptural qualities.   

The spatial installation I have created is trying to construct different relational elements, incorporating my garments within a reflective, architectural interior space. It has been designed to create connections between the form textures and palette used across my designs. 

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