Oliver East

MA Design: Illustration

As a dyslexic with attention deficit disorder I’m forever exploring methods for betterment outside of a classroom and quickly. I have created many long walks with arbitrarily imposed restrictions to complete whilst figuring this out. Walking as a creative act, and how one might create knowledge from this, is the foundation of my practice. I design situations that put myself or a project at risk of total failure and then create work telling you how badly that went. I currently use impromptu illustration as a means to expose issues regarding the ownership, demarcation and governance of public space. By adopting architectural and sculptural approaches, I have reimagined illustration as a contingent and site-responsive act that takes it queues from the built environment. My practice deliberately engages publics in ways that sanctioned public art cannot – I am often engaged in conversation by passers-by and stakeholders in the spaces in which I work – which permits chance encounters that more readily reveal genius loci.

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