Harshita Ilango

MA Design: Illustration

The world of dreams serves as a source of inspiration, a wealth of consciously- unobserved imageries as well as an anchor point of reflection. My research and practice focus on understanding the various layers in my emotions and the language of my dreams and realizing them in the form of illustrations. I acknowledge dreams like my own innate healer with knowledge and images that I tap into and use it to direct my life in the most health-enhancing manner.

I use quantitative data of my waking and nighttime thoughts and emotions that I have methodically generated and collected and translate them in the form of two and three-dimensional art pieces using found materials and pieces. With the various colours, textures, and layers in these illustrations, I aim to showcase one year worth of data and dreams which captures the connection between the mind and body. I also hope to use this methodology to show the same to others to help them avail the potential benefits of doing the same.

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