Annette Jones

MA Design: Illustration

Inspired by chronic illness and my own experiences with healthcare, my practice aims to portray the realities of living with a long-term medical condition. Using illustration and visual narratives, I hope to humanise the portrayal of chronic illness by showing the honest, intimate, and often challenging impact it can have on our lives.

Picture of Health is an illustrated zine, featuring a collection of visual narratives depicting personally significant healthcare experiences. Each narrative was anonymously submitted for the project, resulting in a collection of amazingly honest and personal stories. The final zine features illustrated interpretations of these stories, with a variety of traditional and digital illustration technique used throughout the zine to capture the unique tone and personal impact of each experience.

As stories continue to arrive, I’m currently working on progressing Picture of Health from a single zine to an ongoing series. Plans for the second edition are currently underway.

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