John Clarke

MA/MSc Product Design

My practice has focussed on developing engagement with carbon neutral products. Researching the Carbon Cycle, Circular Economy, Global Heating, Deforestation and Habitat loss has led me to conclude that there is potential, demand and indeed need for a new approach to design. I feel that it is not enough to aspire to make Carbon Neutral products, what is equally important is to give tangible value and reason for people to buy into the ethos.

It is against this backdrop that I have explored materials and processes in regard to carbon footprint, gained Carbon Literacy certification and with CAD software, devised a method of designing and making carbon neutral products. The development of a manifesto has brought a language to my practice to better communicate this narrative, whilst adopting a metaphorical and metaphysical perspective to exploring artistic facets and a craft approach to making.

I also worked on a 'Live' architecural project, where I was able to develop my ideas in a wider, commercial aspect, improving visual skills and adopting design principals such as ethnographics, gestal principals and design for assembly/dissassembly. 

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