Jeeseon Kwon

MA Design: Interior Design

Loneliness is emerging as a significant social problem. How then should space be designed to solve the loneliness that we might be feeling unknowingly? My practice explores interior design that creates bonds for lonely modern people.

Victoria Baths is a valuable space and a place with memories that can connect people with private and public coexistence, given its historical, artistic, cultural, and social contexts. Korean public bathhouses have changed from simple baths to communication and play areas according to the trend of the times such as saunas, restaurants and entertainment facilities. With this Korean jjimjilbang (a Korean facility that's a bath, sauna and spa rolled into one) culture as its motif, the Victoria baths is redesigned to provide not only community spaces that can create bonding between each other, but also private spaces where individuals can have their own time.

I designed hugging zone, a healthy steam area, and two baths with the concepts of sunset and moonlight by exploring the hug from various angles so that Victoria baths can provide lonely people a lighthouse-like bright path and welcoming feeling. In addition, there will be rain-falling walls and silk walls provide natural encounters with other people when visitors walk along the walls. I hope this project can be a solution for people with loneliness to interact and experience joy through understanding and connecting with one another.

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