Heike Schneider-Matzigkeit

MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

While professionally my photography and graphic design background has been rooted in the media and editorial fields, during my time on the MA I was looking to push my practice in a more contextual direction.

Following the exhibition of my final Option Unit piece ‘Resting Places’ as a spatial work at Bury Art Museum in 2018, I have continued down this more conceptual path by conducting various paper and art book experiments (leporello, coptic stitch book). Furthermore, I am now also experimenting with the creation of contemporary art pieces in the form of book elements. Employing the use of photography, graphic design, typography and letterpress (to de-construct and re-arrange movable type), I am creating various analog and digital pieces, including an experimental art book. 

The application of the medium of photography has contributed to my practice in different ways, as a number of the images have been published on PhotoVogue on Italian Vogue‘s website. I have also started to incorporate these photographs into my practice by designing image and text pieces, thus combining photography and language to create meaning and narrative.

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