Rob Starkey

MFA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

An open childhood led me to the people & places that others ignored. I believe such sights & stories are marginalised for the difficulty of their message, rather than a lack of value. It is in the seldom seen that I continue to find colour.

Today, I run Helter Skelter Press: an independent publishing house for the world’s widest-eyed readers. We cherish the stories bypassed by the carousels of hour-to-hour journalism & throwaway publishing.

Our imprint Flagship produces a bi-annual artist's book spotlighting Helter Skelter Press’s endeavour. The first such publication Sublime assembles images of Catholic procession into a meta-narrative about a magnificence that cultivated, & subsequently alienated, the western world.

Helter Skelter Press is based in Durham, England & Malaga, Spain. Our stories & storytellers are sourced by our fluid & diverse editorial board. Editorial & ethics guidelines can be found at

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