Paul Foster

MA/MSc Product Design

My aesthetic consists of raw, sleek design with my focus on furniture and lighting. Inspired by designers; Tom Dixon, Matthew Hilton and David Knott.

For my final project, I chose to create an interactive art installation for the public realm. After researching visitor demographics, public realm interaction and interviewing people from key groups (police, maintenance, urban architects, etc.), I was able to understand the desired features that made successful urban furniture.

Further research of ergonomics, the Disability Discrimination Act, smart technology and materials gave me the information required to produce my final design, the Aurora.

I kept the design minimal, timeless and easily maintained. High Performance Concrete (HPC) sections are teamed with sections of frosted tempered glass. These incorporate RGB LED lighting, allowing the animated light to enhance colour psychology for the end-user.

The design was digitally installed into a Manchester City Centre location. The layout offers a variety of zones to enjoy; from conversation corners to loungers. Incorporated into this design are wireless chargers and Pavegon floor tiles, generating energy with each step.

The concept offers a sleek design that gives the location an identity and a hub for society.

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