Phoebe Kowalska

MA/MSc Product Design

it is what it is

After adopting the application of product semantics, Kowalska applies her analytical tendencies towards challenging the question ‘Can human choice truly be random?’

Kowalska’s research looks to explore the conscious and subconscious manifestations involved in re-appropriating Supernormal objects(Fukasawa & Morrison, 2007). She attempts to understand the reasoning in customer and consumer scenario spotting.

As humans, we may pride ourselves on our ad-hoc imaginations or random abilities. Yet environmental factors, and societal influencers teamed with implicit memory tailors each movement or belief, whether we are aware or unaware. Through conditioned videography Kowalska observes participant’s Physiological Measurements, Overt Behaviours, and quantifiably notes responses based on Perceptual Grouping exercising Gestalt psychology (Wertheimer, 1912).

Kowalska is a Product Designer who specialises in Design Strategy, Design Futures and Design-driven innovation. She uses intelligent sensibility and brand awareness to create unique service and product opportunities, in pursuance of maximising a corporation’s capital.

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