James Sadler

MA/MSc Product Design


High-value products have been the focus of Jim’s design thinking which is informed by developmental research and influences from the narratives of craft disciplines.

Current products

The narrative for Jim’s new work is ‘the reinterpretation of English history and craft which embraces the digital and the hand-made using new materials and processes’.

The focus of his research has been on traditional oak framed buildings and Blackwork embroidery, introduced from France and Spain with early examples seen in the flamboyant clothing of Tudor kings and queens of England; revived in the 1950s which Jim has reinterpreted for the creation of individual furniture pieces.

A major shift in the approach Jim has taken to the design of his work has developed through his post-graduate study at MMU, his research based practice and the adoption of digital machining through digitally driven design, whilst maintaining his commitment to high-value, hand-made products using natural, sustainable materials.

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