Daecan Tee

MA Product Design

Daecan Tee is a designer focusing on the juxtaposition of experimental concepts and social anthropology in the scale of a product to built environment. He places great importance in research, strategic planning, function, vernacular and tradition while critically challenging common application of materials and details. With a background in architecture, he has developed a natural instinct in creative problem solving and is in love with the process of making and craftsmanship.

Passionate about filmmaking, his work is often told in the form of narratives. He also constantly challenges himself to venture into unfamiliar areas like technologies and science, eschewing orthodoxy with proactive cross-disciplinary collaborations.


'AlgaeAboard' is set in the context of canal boat dwelling wherein algae becomes a sustainable source of new luxury material for biodegradable plastic products for use on the boat. Economic inflation has caused the young creative class to consider boat life as an alternative to their ordinary land-based habitats and, synonymously with the distinctive canal culture of the past, they establish themselves as a ‘creative community on water’.

Algae bioplastic revokes the preconceived notion and value of plastic being a cheap industrial material by emulating the aesthetic of precious stones like marble and jade. With a combination of handcraft and technological processes, algae bioplastic products can be manufactured on board or off-site.

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