David Winter

MA/MSc Product Design

David’s experience across the fields of bespoke furniture and interiorslead him to question the value that we place on objects.In contrast to client driven projects, his time dedicated to his MA has broadened his thinking and encouraged the development of his own personal design approach.

For What It’s Worth

‘For What It’s Worth’ is a collaboration between designers David Winter and Natasha Kurth.

The collection of work debates the value we place on high design and craftsmanship and it’s perception as a status symbol. It challenges the practicality of objects and questions whether function or conceptual value has greater worth. The show presents five highly considered and crafted objects, each of which invite the viewer to question their raison d’etre through their design, function and materiality.

Each object is united through its ornamental language which has been inspired by an inherited collection of macrame textile works.

Special thanks go to Rafal Wisniewski, Greg Markley, and Gary Tuddenham as craftsman who made this possible.  

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