Yana Vincent
MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Yana Vincent

Logical. Passionate. Physical.

These three words encapsulate my work ethic and approach to graphic design, a field I've dedicated myself to for the past nine years. Starting as a freelancer and then as a member of studio teams, I developed a methodology focused on logical solutions to design challenges through research, brainstorming, and refinement.

During my master's thesis project, I looked at the possibilities of generative AI as a graphic design tool, moving from theoretical concepts to practical applications. The result was the #SpeakYourMind campaign, a mental health awareness initiative delivered both physically and digitally. The seamless integration of generative AI into the creation of the campaign’s design patterns and generated text demonstrated the successful incorporation of AI into my design practice.

Driven by a desire to create impactful designs with a social impact, this experience has fueled my commitment to expanding my knowledge of generative AI and pushing its boundaries as a tool in my design practice. Merging the analytical and creative aspects of my approach, I am excited about the future possibilities in branding and advertising and am open to exploring and learning new things in the ever-evolving field of graphic design.