Teleri Lea
MA/MSc Craft

Teleri Lea

Inspired by the therapeutic qualities of nature, Teleri designs and produces paper lampshades and installations that aim to reduce anxiety.

Fluid Shade and Fluid Shade (colour series) consist of paper strips that hang in flowing forms from plywood bases. Teleri explores paper’s potential as a sustainable material and how it can be cut to produce soothing designs for audiences and users.

Having received Dr. Lee Kai Hung CBE's Cultural Bursary, Fluid Shade symbolises Taoist interpretations of nature, how there is order in stillness, and how chaos resolves through movement. Ocean of Light uses Chinese motifs to embody the life of the sea while reducing the amount of plastic that reaches our oceans.

Teleri is currently developing flat-pack lampshade designs and is applying for a PhD, which will enable the continued development of the use of therapeutic qualities of nature within paper and light installations.