Meg Jones
MA Contemporary Curating

Meg Jones

Meg Jones is a visual artist and curator, and decided to study the MA Contemporary Curating course following a First Class Honours degree in BA Fine Art and Curating at Manchester School of Art. The particular curatorial interests developed throughout the course of the MA programme is the consideration of audience accessibility to exhibitions, particularly through the approach of the sensory.

This is exemplar in the group exhibition ‘Stimuli’, exhibited in K-House in July 2023 for the Final Major Project assignment. Entirely curated by Meg, the show demonstrates how a range of sculptural materials can encourage sensory interactment from the audience. This then questions how sensory involvement affects the audience interest and engagement with knowledge presented through the exhibition format, whilst also evaluating the effectiveness of the ‘White Cube’ gallery aesthetic in audience participation and comfort.

Through the MA programme, Meg is also an associate curator of Pavement Gallery, where notable curatorial contributions are those of assisting install of Harold Offeh’s ‘Joy Inside Our Tears’, and curating and liaising contributions to Nike Savvas’ ‘Finale (Embrace)’. During this time, Meg also assisted the creation of the second edition of ‘Pavement Quarterly’, an extension of the gallery’s curatorial activity through written format.

Other notable projects throughout the MA programme include ‘IN/TANGIBLE’ exhibition at SEESAW for the Contested Territories assignment, including an essay surrounding the theme within the exhibition guide titled ‘Contesting Authority: The Role of Art Within Gender Representation and Protest’, and co-curating the Grosvenor East Building Launch.