Mahnoor Salman
MA Fine Art

Mahnoor Salman

Everything has to do with loving and not loving.” – Rumi

In this series of works, I embark on an artistic journey that intricately weaves traditional miniature art with a contemporary perspective, focusing particularly on the enduring theme of love.

Drawing inspiration from the dedication of South Asian miniaturists, my creations embody a harmonious blend of timeless techniques and narratives. Originating from Lahore, Pakistan also known as the City of Gardens, a place steeped in cultural richness, the lush greenery of Lahore inspires my work, vividly portraying the universally relatable subject of love.

As this series unfolds, each piece becomes a visual exploration, eloquently echoing emotions of longing, emptiness, and the enduring nature of love. This collection stands as a commitment to evolving the tradition of miniature art while underscoring love as a subject, as a soft and tender subject that gently warms our souls, that transcends time and resonates universally in the contemporary world.