Jinhui Jin
MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Jinhui Jin

Hi, My name is Jinhui Jin and I am a Chinese Graphic Designer who studied at Manchester School of Art.

The synthesis unit is the last project of my graphic design student career. I hope that this project will be the culmination of the knowledge I have learned in the past year, design thinking, experimentation with work forms, brainstorming, and reflection work.

In this comprehensive project, I start from daily life to explore a form of physical and mental involution that has surrounded young people in recent years. This form of involution is also called "body anxiety". ". Under the influence of this anxiety, a new form of live broadcast has become popular on the Internet, and that is - Mukbang. As the publicity of body anxiety becomes more and more excessive on the Internet in reality, a new and twisted form of Mukbang has been born on China's Internet platform: electronic piglets.

I hope to explore the relationship between food and people’s daily body anxiety in a critical way by understanding and investigating the development process of Mukbang on the Internet and this kind of weird Mukbang that distorts anxiety and eating patterns and think about what if this kind of Mukbang will The form continues to spread on the Internet, and more and more people choose to accept and watch these eating videos. How will people view the relationship between their bodies and food in the future?