Brianna Beckford
MFA Fine Art

Brianna Beckford

"Hair is a mythology of its own, and I often find that I've interacted with it as someone would with their own book of mantras." -- Brianna Beckford, 2023CE

Brianna Beckford is a transdisciplinary artist working to curate stories and sites that only ghosts can make.

Brie defines their productions from the lense of a diaspora baby, made from displacements, echoes and fractured dub plates. In looking toward archival efforts, old net, obsolete tech, and a murkier, itchier cumpulsion, Brianna balances fun and discomfort through multiplatform installations to communicate this special language of loss.

These real and imagined artefacts contribute to the ethnographic map. Combining the Fanonian self with Oswaldian 'plunder'culture, works like Dub and Hair Bridge pulls in these meditations on memory(squared), encryption, and spectacle.