Ally Fallon
MA Painting

Ally Fallon

I am always trying to make a better painting, however, doing so is an incredibly complex and delicate process. I do not believe in forcing a preconceived idea onto the surface. Instead, I find value in the process of painting, letting the work reveal itself to me through a negotiation with its material components. The aim is to reach a harmonious state where the painting can most effectively exsist. 

The paintings in this show are to be read as they are seen. I am able to explain my relationship with them but it feels more relevant in this statement to share a short manifesto on painting: 

1- It is not what you paint that is important, but how you paint it. 

2- Do not try to outsmart the painting; it knows itself before you do. You cannot ask it to be something it is not. 

3- 'Paint the sensation you see.' - Alex Katz

4- You cannot be ambiguous about ambiguity. 

5- Stay up late with your paintings, they are your freinds. They can offer you an alternative view of yourself. 

6- 'Beauty is not in the rose.' - Agnes Martin

7- I will not give up on a painting until it has completely failed and even then I will wait patiently for the idea to resurface in another work, so I can attempt to resolve it again. 

8- 'Begin, and cease, and then again begin.' - Matthew Arnold