Tom Bird-Jones
MA Fashion Design Technology

Tom Bird-Jones

Tom Bird-Jones is a co-botic couturier. With a keen interest in fashion and new technologies, Toms MA collection comes to fruition.Delving into industry 5.0 and using an array of robotics and machinery, Tom was able to 3D print animal skins which caught the eye of sustainability power brand Stella McCartney and the British Fashion Council. Tom Was one of 10 creatives from the UK to present his sustainable 3D printed snakeskin bag to the Stella team.

Tom has worked in the fashion industry since graduation from Manchester Fashion institute in 2017. Tom's background is womens occasion wear, this is where his love for hand embellishment and craft was ignighted! With new technologies and the rise of the metaverse, Tom came back to Manchester fashion institute to gain his Masters degree, in doing so he was able to fully explore this new world.

Tom won a bursary from Dr. Lee, a chinese businessman, to create ides/outputs based on the title 'Friends of China'. He took chinese mythical ledgend, Chang'e and imagined her as the most famous woman in the world. Whilst exploring the use of Co-Botics he was able to create pieces that utilised this new technology. Tom's fashion film and end products fully realise the vision and demonstrates the many aspects of the phygital world. Using Clo3D, Sonic welding, Lazer cutting, The metaverse, 3D scanners and printers the goal was realised in the physical form and in virtual reality.

After completion of his MA Tom will return to work as a full time bridal designer.

Dr Lee Kai Hung Bursary Award