Steven Bremner
MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Steven Bremner

Steven Bremner - Senior Motion Designer

Project title - Prudence X Pleasure

I have been working as a Motion Designer for a decade. Before starting my Master's, I recognised that I felt burnt out and unhappy with my work and, by extension, my life. I came to Manchester School of Art to realise an unfulfilled dream of creating music videos, marrying my skill as a motion designer with my love for music.

Throughout my time at Manchester School of Art, I have sought to challenge my conventions and processes. While the work I have produced is primarily digital, traditional graphic design techniques like screenprinting and bookbinding have significantly influenced my thinking.

My final piece, Prudence x Pleasure, expresses my experience of depression, anxiety and self-doubt. Depression is invisible, and I wanted to reflect that in my work through semiotics. What I'm communicating is hidden in plain sight, ready to be unlocked by those who take the time to look.