Katie Wallace
MSc Fashion Buying and Merchandising Management

Katie Wallace

Katie Wallace's work has focused on a wide variety of subjects. From the psychological effects of fashion on individuals to integrating sustainable materials into mainstream society to even creating a brand concept to eradicate the stigma surrounding buying second-hand. Making sure fashion is something that isn't daunting or stressful: but something that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of how, what or where you purchase.

Culminating in her final dissertation subject focusing on the attitudes and availability of fashion for plus-size women in both the 1920s and contemporary society, combining both her interest in fashion history and her desire for inclusion of all bodies, no matter what shape or size.

Coming from a marketing background, Katie had no previous experience using creative software such as InDesign or Canva, but has since created logos and ranges to accompany her work, adding creativity to her academic work.

Katie has a strong passion for learning which is evident through her diverse subject choices throughout her masters course, paired with a genuine and kind nature has allowed for her portfolio to stand out and shine.