Juliana Ciszak
MA Textiles

Juliana Ciszak

It's All About Colour 

Colour has a huge effect on how we perceive things, but it is not possible to say the exact effect certain colour choices will evoke on each person, but many people do associate bright colours with joy, fun and positivity. Likewise, clothes we wear can be meaningful to us and evoke positive emotions like attachment, love and happiness. In this collection I explore the possibilities of bringing this emotional connection and positivity through my designs and colour choices, while celebrating the nature of my country with printed abstract shapes inspired by Brazilian landscapes.

This upcycled collection is made with natural pigments that can fade over time, differently from the usual synthetic colours. The fading process is embraced in this project as a possibility for a longer relationship with the product, as after prints become pale, they can be reprinted with a new design. The un-standardised colour derived from these natural sources creates different results every time and it is part of the beauty of working with these natural colours, creating unique combinations every time.

The garments are made of 100% Linen fabric from charity shops in Manchester, screen printed with Madder, Indigo, Turmeric, Black Beans, Red Cabbage, Coreopsis, Weld and Cochineal.

Models: Leila Aiko Enoki and Leandra da Cruz

Photography and styling: Juliana Ciszak