Georgia Robb
MA Fashion Design Technology

Georgia is a designer that builds a narrative and distinct aesthetic by looking at culture, heritage and personal identity. Inspired by the embedded and imbued meanings of clothes, she creates garments that focus on how we add meaning and value and prolong desirability to create longevity of wear. Her collection aims to obstruct the volatile and expendable nature of fashion today. Finding creativity in juxtapositions: Her collection  balances and contrasts the feminine and the masculine, familiarity of classic design with with a humour and novelty and the sentimental, romantic ideals against the hard and dirty realism of Scottish culture. She repurposes and utilises waste materials including old car leather offcuts, bedsheets and material scraps creating greater circularity in fashion and disrupting patterns and behaviours around textile waste. The re-use of materials emerges from ideas about storytelling, how significance and value can be added when materials and garments have had an alternative purpose or life.