Chloe Williams
MA Contemporary Performance

Chloe is a director, mover and contemporary theatre maker from Tamworth. She is currectly living in Manchester with connections to Birmingham and Derby. She has currently just finished her MA degree in Contemporary Performance in Sept 2022 and is ready to explore the world of theatre! During her MA, Chloe looked at endurance, fast lyrics, movement, running and ensemble work. Her lastest work for her MA looked at endurance with the outlook of 'how does the audience endure endurance. This is something she is looking forward to exploring in the future. Her non-verbal movement piece was set in an LED house which looks into 'what can you do in a house'. This looks at endurance using daily and extra daily movement and creating a score live onstage. Chloe beginning to write a new piece which is looking at using fast text to explore issues is society currently. Chloe's work in contemporary theatre looks at firstly what does she want the audience to feel when they leave, what is the message behind this. Then to create the show that looks at either current themes in the world or explornig her passion for athletics/ running/ endurance and how can the audience feel that too.