Chatitze Achmet
MA Fine Art

The tendency in my work towards installation accommodates a direction to the medium of painting and a perception of space. I incorporate materials that could be used in painting as well as formal elements like paint, line, or composition while navigating pluralistic structures and medium configurations, in a way that these structures and configurations appear to be related to painting. As a result, my figurative work, where figuration is a means of description, represents a space while emphasising the painting tradition.

However the correlation of the historic canvases to windows, where the spectator journeys between the surface and the depth of the view, cannot be considered true in my work. The attention of the spectator turned towards the space which emerges from the medium configurations, the room where these were found and the spectator stands. Consequently, the viewer stands alongside, instead of in front of the work, and chooses their view, constructing a meaning, a dialogue, and a wholeness with the otherness.

Instead of language, the means for dialogue is spatial relations and gestures between the ‘one’ and the ‘other’, where the one influences and completes the other. This idea that an influence between the work and viewer starts, in my opinion, rejects a fixed formal space, and invites a self-determined situation, particularly an adjustable space and work.