Catherine Earl
MA Painting

Catherine Earl

My greatest passion has always been to paint.

I achieved a Foundation certificate in Art and Design at Manchester School of Art ,as well as a BA Art Degree .I then went on to teach for many years,  but after painting at home ,I decided to apply for the MA which was the correct decision.

I have enjoyed experimenting with and developing existing skills and techniques, including, fluidity and paint application.

My practice focuses on my interpretation of everyday observations,with an emphasis on nature,using vibrant colours that compliment each other and simplied form to capture the essence of a scene without a great attention to detail.

Oil paint is the medium of choice and occasionally acrylic.

Subjects have included, observational paintings from walks and trips to the local coast, as well as, trees,flowers,fruit and shoes.

My present body of work has a seascape theme.I noticed the variety of different hues by the sea , especially at night and had an overwhelming need to recreate the essence of the night sea with the sky overhead.I was captivated by the shades of pinks and purples in the sunset over the sea and blues and greys late into the night.Quite mesmerising and ever changing.This will be a subject to focus on further.