Yimi Chen

MA Design: Illustration

I have always believed food is the thing that cures our hearts that in today's high-stress society. After all, no one will not like food. Whenever I see pictures of those foods, I can imagine the taste of food.

So I decided to use food as my theme, I researched different eating habits and food types in various countries and recorded my eating habits in the form of memories. 

Everyone's eating habits are different because the environment of life is different. So I created a map to reflect the environment in which I grew up. There are nine restaurants on this map that record the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I am familiar with. 

At the same time, I want to do a collection activity. When you see my work on the Benzie building ground floor, you can choose the food sticker you like and paste it on the blank card, or you can simply draw the three meals you like and then put the card into the collection box next to it.

I'm looking forward to putting your dietary preferences into my food collection booklet.

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