Pip Martin

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The subject of my photography practice lies within the relationship between my father and I. My project ‘Tourist Information’ is a homage to the relationship between us and the landscape that surrounds us. Over the last six months my father and I have been exploring remote locations throughout Scotland. Primarily focusing on landscapes situated in low populated areas with vast open spaces, that highlight the feeling of isolation. Our three expeditions consisted of trips to the Highlands, and then venturing further to the Outer Hebrides and the Orkney Isles. These journeys have revealed a deep connection my father shares with the landscape and his admiration towards nature. I believe my development of the same enthusiasm stems from an early childhood exposure to nature, I have grown up with a deep respect for the landscape that envelops me. My work consists of black and white photographs, shot on 35mm analog film. The series depicts these remote locations with an overall lonely and eerie feel, highlighting the beauty that lies within solitude. 

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