Joe Hancock

MA Fine Art

Joe Hancock's work is research-based, examining expanded theories of ‘making’. He is interested in how any thing – an object, an action or an idea – is made, and considers his works strictly as documentation of their making process.

He produces sculpture, performances, installations, text, drawing and conceptual works in diverse mediums. Early next year he starts a PhD trying to devise a new theoretical model of making. He also teaches and gives professional advice to artists and arts organisations.

Shelves, benches, ladders and other everyday objects feature within his practice as literal and metaphorical tools for the development of an analytical, poetic understanding of making.

Joe has ‘written’ a sculpture, put shelves (and myself) up the outside wall of an art school, sent real invoices for £0, placed imaginary books in 3 libraries, and combined two stairlifts in motion timed according to cicada breeding cycles.

Some of his work is invisible. Given the chance, he would make works the size of nations.

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