Emmeleia Filippopoulou

MA Fine Art

Emmeleia Filippopoulou deals with notions of abandonment, history and memory. Deserted places and stranded objects such as clothes (shirts, aprons) acquire a special significance since they carry their own myth. Once in use, now they lie in ‘loneliness’ weathered by the storm. 

She brings them back to the forefront by collecting them in a gesture of rescue or by depicting them. She attributes to them a subtle dose of personification; highlighting their quintessence, their primer inner core.

Inspired by their evident emotional charge and charmed by the idea of a potentially emerging dramaturgy, she begins a dialogue between a live performed piece of music (here Koyunbaba by C. Domeniconi) and a setting made of painted surfaces permeable by the sunlight. A play between light and darkness. Sound and silence.

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