Dominika Wroblewska

MA Design: Illustration

I whizz down a rope until the entrance above is no larger than 8cm. The natural light cascades down, clinging in strands onto the arched wall. Despite the 50 metre distance, you still clearly hear those at the top. I look up and water drips into my eye. I inhale the familiar scent of the underground.


Did you know? There are people underground and there are many of them.

This project explores questions such as

‘what is a cave?’

‘why are some of us drawn to caves?’

Through reportage illustration, poetry, and sound recording, I capture this hidden environment and the human presence in it.

I follow UK’s caving community, using drawing on location as a primary research tool.

I am interested in drawing ‘on the move’ regardless of the surrounding conditions (underground, suspended on a rope, on a steep hill in 40 mph wind), pushing drawing into the category of sport.

Please email if you'd like to place an order for 'The Cave Starter Pack' book.

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