Alina Zhavner

MA Design: Interior Design

My MA practice explores the relationship between clothing and interiors, finding that each works with the concept of a Second Skin: a soft and smooth structure that follows the shape of a human body. 

My methodology was inspired by the innovative techniques Charles Mackintosh used to produce his garments. Cutting-edge digital technologies have allowed me to manufacture bespoke interior structures that resemble the organic and smooth folds of fabric.

The structures can be used to redefine harsh and angular industrial interiors. Their characteristics working to imbue the space with a more sensitive and welcoming atmosphere — as well as giving a sense of privacy, enclosure and protection to the people. 

To comply with the limitations of our Environment we have a responsibility to work progressively and utilise new ways of manufacturing. Technology facilitates integrated and pioneering production systems, as digital information is intelligently shared amongst people, processes, and products.

My practice explores Industry 4.0 outcomes, to optimise the process of manufacturing one-off bespoke prototypes.

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