Abbie Jones

MA Design: Textile Practice

As an Artist I see surfaces as a landscape to work upon, a platform for a dimension to be built. The interior space inhabits different surfaces through different forms and my practice explores the transformative power of creating surfaces for the domestic space. I want to make the invisible visible; I want to highlight the beauty in the everyday and comment on how everything is connected in some way, through colour and composition in my designs. The interior space is a site which embodies objects, furniture, us; it is a facilitator of emotionality and physicality and so my interests lie in representing this within my work. I look to my surroundings for inspiration, drawing on the banal to attempt to comment on our lost touch with the simplicities in life in this modern age. My surfaces I create play on reality and abstracts it, offering a new perspective and aesthetic for the home/interior space, to transform it.

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