Philippa Hornsby

MA/MSc Product Design

With her methodological approach to design, Philippa Hornsby (MA Product Design) conducts deep research into the philosophically-led projects, applying her wide technical knowledge and her passion for the natural world to produce products that provide a social commentary on how we lead our lives. Her design ethos focuses on creating functional products that reflect the human condition; playing on our perceptions of time, ageing and religion through domestic products.

Philippa’s current work examines the concept of time; the differences between the cyclic time experienced by the natural world, and our own personal linear time.

Penumbra uses LEDs to mimic the solar and lunar cycles throughout the day, highlighting the disconnect between our linear technology-led lives and the natural cyclic world that surrounds us.

Keeping Time examines the progression from the present to the past; how we choose to define a time period, and how we measure our time.

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